Productivity Hacks


Changing the way that you work can help maximize your potential and overall efficiency. Highly productive people seem to be brimming with enthusiasm, but that doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Especially right now when many of us are working from home. We’ve devised a list of ways to help solve your productivity problems and get back on the right track. 

Keeping A Calendar 

Most people don’t realize that one of the most effective ways of achieving their ambitions is through a calendar. It might sound a bit nerdy now, but properly managing your calendar ensures total control over your valuable time. Don’t settle for the default calendar on your phone either. Matter of fact, don’t use an online calendar at all. Stick with a traditional paper calendar, this makes your goals and tasks appear more manageable. Make checking your calendar a morning habit. It lets you know what your day will look like and enables you to catch on gaps in your schedule. 

Setting Goals 

Goal setting is a powerful tool for enabling productivity growth. By knowing exactly what you want to achieve each day, you are better able to concentrate your efforts toward productive tasks. Set small goals in place so your tasks appear manageable and not overwhelming. 

Tackling To-Do’s 

While it seems like common sense, many people forget primary tasks in favor of more straightforward, though less critical, tasks. This can leave you scrambling if you don’t allow for enough time to get the work done. Breaking the cycle by starting with essential projects first, no matter what, will get you on top of your game. You’ll thank yourself for your diligence come the afternoon.

Listen to Music

I’m not talking about pop or rap music. That’s distracting. Try listening to something without words. One of my favorite productivity hacks is to play songs without words in them because they are known to improve your focus over an extended period of time. Try out something like classical, or lo-fi to jam out while you work. 

Finish What You Start 

Start a task. Finish it completely. Then move onto the next one.If you’re wondering how to increase your productivity, this is a tip for you!  It’s an incredibly simple productivity hack that, when used, makes a huge difference in getting things done. Next time you set out on a task, make sure you finish it before doing something else. 

All About Timing

One of the best productivity hacks in general is to find your ideal timing. In other words, you need to figure out which time period during the day you are most productive and effective in. Morning, afternoon, or evening. In order to best utilize your time, you need to understand which block you are most effective in and then tailor your schedule to capitalize on it. 

Put Away Gadgets 

Spend some time going through the settings on your phone and turn off the notifications for any apps that could easily distract you. Go  one step further, and place your phone in a different room or turn on airplane mode. This helps to separate work and play from one another, creating a healthy balance in your life. 

Take Breaks 

Take a break and rest when you need it so that your mind and body are able to function at 100%. A healthy you is a productive you and a productive you is moving in the right direction towards being the best. 

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