Digital Marketing Tips for Freelancers and Contract Workers


Freelancers wear every hat, just like conventional entrepreneurs. It doesn’t matter what field they are working in — whether writing, graphic design, audio, and video production, or something else — they are responsible for running a business. They must be able to promote themselves between projects, not only to find new clients but also to make a name for their brand. It’s akin to building a resume and tacking on more and more experience, but it’s also much more nuanced.

Just as digital marketing is a powerful way to promote a traditional business, it’s an excellent way to promote yourself as a freelancer, too.

How can you, the freelancer, stand out from the crowd with the help of digital marketing techniques?

Here are some powerful tips:

1. Build the Right Website

A self-dedicated portal or website is vital, everyone knows that. What most don’t understand, however, are the critical facets of said website. What pages or content are the most important when it comes to marketing and promoting your talent?


Every landing page should include a brief yet incredibly pointed description of who you are, what you do, and what you’ve accomplished. The page should be concise and everything should be viewable at a glance. Solid copy, beautiful visuals, and well-placed mentions are necessary.

About Me Page

This is where you can let loose and talk about yourself and your life. Be sure to stay on topic in regards to the work.

Portfolio or Work Experience Page

Keep it simple and to the point. Include all the work you’ve done that’s relevant to the industry or field, but keep everything genuine and on point.

Contact Me Page or Contact Form

Arguably the most important of all, this page is how potential clients, interested parties, or even colleagues are going to reach out. Triple-check to ensure all contact information is correct. You’dbe surprised how easy it is to lose an opportunity because of a small typo.

2. Help Others

It can be hosted anywhere and through a variety of mediums — whether video content, text, or audio — but the best way to make a name for yourself is to help others. Run an online course where you educate and train fellow freelancers. Share your expertise in a blog or a more substantial guide.

Use your own experiences to influence and support others. It will go a long way towards marketing your name and brand.

3. Share the Wealth

Surely, you know another freelancer that’s looking for work. So long as you don’t need the income yourself, be sure to refer and share opportunities with others. You’ll earn bonus points not just with other professionals in your industry, but also potential clients, too.

Moreover, after you help some people out, they’ll begin to reciprocate. Often, they’ll find and share opportunities that you probably would have missed.

4. Avoid Burning Bridges

Let’s get this out of the way first. Yes, there are horrible clients that you’ll swear to never work with again. Those are not the types of clients we’re talking about.

When a project or gig ends, avoid burning bridges. Be sure to remind clients that should they ever need more work done, you’d be happy to step in. Most importantly, remember that word of mouth is another solid form of marketing, especially in the contract and freelance world. Previous clients may refer or talk about you to others.

5. Do Some Outreach

While in between work, or heck even during, invest a little time on outreach. What does that mean?

Reach out to potential clients, professionals, or industry influencers to either engage in conversation or to get your name and work out there. A writer, for example, might share an article or two with potential publications. A graphic artist might reach out to another to congratulate or praise works. Some might even float their name to potential recruiters or hiring teams to drum up a little interest.

There are many variations of outreach, and many different ways to go about it. Put yourself out there, you might be surprised at what comes back.

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