Building A Digital Marketing Strategy in Six Steps


So you’re interested in digital marketing? Digital marketing is an umbrella term used for all of your company’s online marketing efforts. This means that there are plenty more possibilities for brands to reach potential customers, including email, video, social media, and search engines. Due to digital marketing having so many options and strategies associated with it, it is easy to get creative and experiment with a variety of marketing tactics on a budget. In this blog post we will go over ten steps to help you create a successful and efficient digital marketing strategy. 

Step One: Identify Your Goals 

The first steps in any process are always the most important yet painstaking. Without goals your strategies won’t work, plain and simple. Create goals that are suitable, think something you want to do or work towards and make them measurable. If your goals are too far-fetched they may seem unrealistic. Take little steps in the beginning to make sure your goals are headed in the right direction. 

Step Two: Evaluate Digital Sales Funnel 

An important marketing concept that you need to grasp before actually developing your strategy is creating a digital sales funnel. It is a combination of marketing tactics utilized to generate traffic to your business and nurture them properly to become loyal customers who advocate for your business. The funnel is made up of several different steps that buyers move through in order to get to the point of purchasing and/or becoming long term customers.

Step Three: Create A Buyer Persona 

A buyer persona is a description of your target customer.This system documents everything from demographic info to hobbies, and from career history to family size. Buyer personas are used to describe the ideal customer and help you define the target ideal customer. 

Step Four: Evaluate Existing Channels 

Analyze the digital assets and channels that you are already using, including website, blog content, social media account, and word-of-mouth advertising. 

Step Five: Automate Your Marketing 

As you get your campaigns up and running, you’ll find ways to continue to make your campaigns as impactful and effective as possible. The easiest way to do this is through personalization and more automation. Luckily for you these strategies overlap.

Step Six: Track Your Process 

There is a lot of work involved in designing a digital marketing strategy process, but an effective and well thought-out plan will make it much easier. Constantly monitoring analytics ensures that strategy is working effectively. This is done by assigning teams that would deliver this task. Remember to learn from the mistakes and always find improvement opportunities!

At the end of the day the goal of  creating a digital marketing strategy is to reach out to as many people as possible. Hopefully this blog post helps to push you in the right direction towards your goals.

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