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Providing services and inspiration for businesses to reach their full potential

Who We Are

Startpad Accelerator is one of the leading advisory companies. We’re a results-oriented agency and always look for and find optimization solutions. We combine strategic analytics and research along with multiple years of experience of developing and implementing business strategies to find solutions for you.

Our team of experts will help you in every possible business aspect, from management and digital marketing to production processes.

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What We Do

We help companies all over the world to reach their full potential by providing consulting services for multiple industries and business areas.

Our goal is to make the process of developing consumer goods go from good to great. Helping you hear your customers and develop a production process that is both cost-effective and satisfying for your business.

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Our Team

David Bethune

VP, Strategy

Orange County

Gavin Sha

General Manager, Asia

Hong Kong

Johnson Jeng

Founder & CEO

Silicon Valley

Dior Wu

EVP, Meritonics

Silicon Valley

Cary Inayoshi

Operations Manager

Silicon Valley

Shirley Chen

VP, Global Logistics

Orange County

Steve Gibson

Business Development

Silicon Valley

Michael Chiu

Director, Asia Market


Lucy Duong

Sr. Project Manager

Silicon Valley

Greg Nowacki

Digital Marketing

Orange County

Deniz Demir

Visual Producer

Startpad Europe

Arthur Hu

Logistic Manager, Asia

Shenzhen, China

Luka Baucar

3D Visuals Director

Startpad Europe

Mark C.

Engineering Director

Silicon Valley

Milad Yekrangi

Digital Marketing

Orange County

Dennis Judd

Business Development

Silicon Valley

Jonathan Foltz

Strategy, Manager

Miami, FL

Leonardo T.

Director, Software Development

Silicon Valley