Video Production

Imagination. Film. Produce

StartPad is the home for high end video production

With a bright team of talented film crew, we can bring your imagination to life through stunning video content creation.

Need film for a commercial? No problem. StartPad's elite video team can walk you through the necessary steps in creating quality content. Looking for a viral content format, short commercials, or how-to videos? We've got you covered. We've worked with startups and large tech companies to produce video content to meet all your needs.

How Does it Work?


Step 1

Work with our film producers in bringing your imagination into reality.

Step 2

Take your content type and begin to visualize and storyboard your video.

Step 3

Have our team take care of casting, building set, and filming.

Step 4

Once post-production is complete, the world will be ready to see your video content.